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It is almost two decades now when Clarence Davies (otherwise known as DJ Freestyle) set up Feferity London to promote artists and musicians so that lovers of music can enjoy their songs and musical talents.

Freestyle had been an active supporter of artists and musicians from various cultural background, playing their music on radio and staging small Live music events. The name "Feferity" came about through the help of an incredible classical musician Juwon Ogungbe having heard Freestyle's remit for the platform to serve as an expressive outlet for African communities in London. Feferity is a West African Pidgin an euphemism for 'showing off', 'being flamboyant' or 'swaggering'.

Fast forwarding Feferity Radio has blossomed into a beautiful and bountiful patch on the London and world scene. Feferity Radio seeks to entertain, stimulate, and challenge listeners with discussion programmes about topical issues, local and global news, and other public affairs.



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